Procedure Text

Procedure Text

By Diah Nurhayati

Social function:

1.    To explain how something works or how to use instruction/operation manuals e.g. how to use the video, the computer, the tape recorder, the photocopier, the fax.

2.    To instruct how to do a particular activity e.g. recipes, rules for games, science experiments, road safety rules.

Generic structures:

A procedure usually consists of three main parts:

1.    Goal

The final purpose of doing the instruction

2.    Materials

Ingredients, utensils, equipment (OPTIONAL)

3.    Steps

A set of instructions to achieve the final purpose /explain how to do it

Language features:

1.    Use of Imperative sentence (short instruction)

e.g. cut the onion, don’t mix

2.    Use of Present tense

e.g. do you know how to make a cheese omelet?

3.    Use of Actions Verb

e.g. crack, whisk, add, pour, turn, etc.

4.    Use of Sentence Connectors

e.g. first, next, second, then, after that, etc.

Example of Procedure Text:

How to Draw Doraemon


1.    Pencil

2.    Drawing paper

Example of Procedure Text:

Video :


1.    Pencil

2.    Drawing paper


 Task 1
Please draw the picture of Doraemon based on the video above.
Task 2 
How to Draw Doraemon


1. Pencil

2. Drawing paper 
1.   Draw the eyes. Circle for the left eye and right eye, then two dots.
2.   Draw circle for the nose, then vertical line under the nose
3.   Draw reverse-plant pot for the head
4.   Draw a “6”-like symbol for the left arm and a mirror image for the right arm
5.   Draw a circle for the bell and a line for the slit of the ball
6.   Draw a stroke on the left and right for the body
7.   Draw a circle for the left foot and another circle for the right foot
8.   Draw a large circle in the body and half-circle on it for magical pouch
9.   Draw big smile and 6 whiskers
 Answer the questions based on the text above.

1.    What should you prepare before start to draw Doraemon?
2.    What is the shape of Doraemon’s magical pouch?
3.    What is the function in drawing the “6”-like symbols after draw the head?
4.    What should we do after finish to draw magical pouch?
5.     If you are the original creator of Doraemon, what do you want to draw for Doraemon?

Do the task below.
How to make account in Gmail

You need: computer/laptop, internet access or network

                                                                 1.      Open http:
                                           2.      Click make account (Buat Akun) top right corner

                                              3.      Fill in the form of your identity on the right side

                                          4.      Add profil picture then continue to the next step

                                                        5.      Your gmail account is finished

                                6.      To log out, just click the arrow on the top right corner then click (Keluar)
    Give me your Gmail address and I will check it. 
    Don't forget to write your complete name and your class.
Reference : 
How to Draw Doraemon from
Compilation of lesson plans from PPG SM-3T UNNES

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