Showing Admiration

Showing Admiration
(menunjukkan kekaguman) 
Kelas IX Semester 1

Oleh, Diah Nurhayati


A. Material  
Showing admiration
The patterns are:
1. What + a/an + Adjective +Noun + *(he/she/it +is)
2. How + adjective + Subject + be
*It’s ok whether you use it or not.



a beautiful
it is

a smart
he is

Study the following expressions of giving admiration!
You are right
I think so
Thank you
- Well          - Ok
- Umm        - All right
- Right        -etc.

·  adorable
·  adventurous
·  alive
·  attractive
·  better
·  bewildered
·  brainy
·  breakable
·  cautious
·  charming
·  cloudy
·  cooperative
·  courageous
·  curious
·  dark
·  defiant
·  delightful
·  distinct
·  doubtful
·  fierce
·  fragile
·  friendly
·  frightened
·  gentle
·  glamorous

·  elated
·  elegant
·  energetic
·  enthusiastic
·  envious
·  evil
·  excited
·  fair
·  faithful
·  famous
·  fancy
·  fantastic

dialogue 1
Raras shows her flowers in her garden to Dini, her classmate.
Dini     What a beautiful flower it is.
Raras   : Thanks. I planted it myself. Do you want the seed, I will give you for free.
Dini     : How kind you are.
Raras   : Haa, just forget it.
Dini     : Yes, thank you. I will plant it at my house.
dialogue 2
At house
Adam   :         Dio, look at the effects of ecstasy on this pamflet.
Dio      : What a dangerous thing it is.
Adam   : Yes. How powerful poison is. It damages our brain and messes our emotion.
Dio      : You are right. We have to stay away from it.
Adam   : Yes.

Dialogue 3
At the diamond gallery
Brenda : Look at the diamond over there.
Kim     : How beautiful it is. It is awesome.
Brenda :  Look at the price over there. What an expensive jewelry it is.
Kim     : We must study and work hard if we want this.
Brenda : Someone who have it should be very careful in wearing it.
Kim    : Right. There is so many crime over there.


Subject                             : English

Class/Semester                 : IX / 1

Time allocation                 : 45’
Skill                                 : Speaking

Topic                               : Expressing admiration

Task 1
Pronunce the words below and find the meaning.
1.Courageous :                                        6. Faithful:
2. delightful :                                            7. Fancy :
3. glamorous :                                          8. Endanger :
4. fierce :                                                 9. Ecstasy :
5. cautious :                                            10. Charming :

Task 2
Read the expression below with a good pronunciation and intonation.
1.What a faithful person she is.
2. How noxious the gas is.
3. How generous the driver is.
4. What a spicy food it is.
5. How elegant the woman is.

Task 3

Make expression of admiration based on the statement below.
- The test is difficult.
Answer :
  1. What a difficult test it is.
  2. How difficult test is.

1. The headmaster is very tricks.
Answer : A.
2. “Harry Potter” is an exciting film.
Answer : A.
3.Ecstasy is a danger drug.
Answer : A.
4. Those diamonds are awesome.
Answer :  A.
5. These animals are endangered.
     Answer : A

Task 4
Make expression of admiration based on the adjectives below orally.

slow : What a slow music it is.

speed - quick, fast, slow
smell - putrid, smelly, aromatic, fragrant.
size, weight - heavy, big, small, tiny, tall, short, thin.


Choose the correct response to the following expressions!

1.        A : How was my painting, Jhon?

B : .........................

2.        A : Brad, I am going to Japan to join Language Contest.

B : .....................

3.        A : How was the meal I cooked, Jack?

B : .....................

4.        A : Look at the scenery! Waow!

B : ..........................

5.        A : How was the Jateng fair last night?

B : ..........................

6.        A : Jane, look at the rainbow over there!

B : .........................

7.        A : Bill, how was the Tsunami film last night .

B : .....................

8.        A : How was your vacation to Trans Studio Bandung yesterday, Anne?

B : .....................

9.        A : Look at that waterfall, it’s  about 80 meters high.Waow!

B : ..........................

10.    A : Look at the old building over there?

B : ..........................

-How beautiful the scenery is.                    – How lucky you are.
-How scary the man is.                               – How awesome painting is.
-What a generous man he is.                      – What spectacular celebration it is.
-What a salty meal it is.                             – What a scary movie it is.
- How ancient it is                                      - How colorful it is.
- How high it is.                                         – How bright it is.
- What a wonderful place it is.

  A : Look at the old building over there?

B : How ancient it is. Wow!

A : It built on 1945.

B : What an old building it is.

A : Yes. I feel frightened every time I past the building.

B : Maybe there is a ghost over there.
A : I think so. Hmm, let’s hurry then.

Choose one of the pictures above and make dialogue based on it. You can find the additional information of admiration dialogues and the example of adjectives  from the links  above the pictures. 

Write your name and class, and post the dialogue in the comment space of this blog.


 a. Alice won the storytelling competition.
Lia: How wonderful your performance is.
Tika : Thanks. I practice hard for this competition.
Lia : I hope someday I can win in a competition like you.
Tika : I believe you can. Just practice seriously dear.


                                                                          Picture 1
                                                                        picture 2

                                                                            Picture 3

                                                                           Picture 4

                                                                          Picture 5

For the list of adjectives you can see the link below :
For more example of admiration dialogue, you can see the link below:

Kistono, dkk.2007. The Bridge English Competence for SMP Grade IX. Surabaya:Yudhistira

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Ery Trijayanti said...

Dalam Expressing Admiration ini, apakah ada bentuk past tense nya????

Bagas Nesta said...

Trimaksih bantuannya

lori sugarman said...

I like your cartoon of "I just wanted to tell you I think you're awesome."
May I put it in my children's writing book that has a page for Admiration?
Thank you,
Lori Sugarman

Aprillia Ra said...

I'm sorry...
Bukannya kalo yg pake how itu yg ada kata aux nya ya
Trs yg pake what itu yg tidak pake, jadi tinggal what + noun/noun phrase

Aprillia Ra said...

I'm sorry...
Bukannya kalo yg pake how itu yg ada kata aux nya ya
Trs yg pake what itu yg tidak pake, jadi tinggal what + noun/noun phrase

Aprillia Ra said...

I'm sorry...
Bukannya kalo yg pake how itu yg ada kata aux nya ya
Trs yg pake what itu yg tidak pake, jadi tinggal what + noun/noun phrase