By Diah Nurhayati

A. Asking for repetition
- Asking for repetition (ask someone to repeat his or her words because we don’t hear clearly or we don’t catch what he or she said)
- Pardon?
- Sorry?
- Sorry, what did you say?
- I’m sorry
- I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.
- What?
- What was that?
- Can you repeat that?
- ( Repeat his or her sentences)
- I said,….
- Let me repeat my words…
- Well, I just wanna say that..

The example of the dialog:
1. X: The bell is ringing.
    Y: What did you say?
    X: The bell is ringing. Le’s get in to the class.
    Y : Ok.

2. X: What did you say your name was?
    Y: It's Cathy Henderson.
    X: Did you say Andersen or Henderson?
Y : Henderson, with an H.
X : Is "Cathy" spelled with a C or a K?
Y : It's C.
X : And what was your address again?
Y : 72 West Sunshine Blvd., Suite 501.

Video of asking for repetition:
B. Showing attention
- Showing attention (when we are in conversation sometimes we feel curious and need more explanation about what we are talking about)
- Tell me more about it!
- Tell me more about your house! Is it near with the post office? Is it near with the bus stop?
- Tell me more about your favorite food? Why do you like it?
- Such as?
- What’s occasions?
- What do you mean ‘not any more’?
 - Tell me more about it.
- Really?
- Oh, my God! What happens next?
- And then what?
- How interesting!
- What’s next?
- Well,…
- (Explain The subject)

The example of dialog:
1. X: Borobudur is not one of the seven wonders anymore.
   Y: Really? Tell me more about it
   X: Because, Indonesian government does not invest enough to increase the image of Borobudur Temple nor to draw world’s attentions to Borobudur.
   Y : It’s sad. But indonesia is still famous with other tourist resorts such as Bali beach, Komodo island, Toba lake, etc.
   X : Yes, you are right.

2. X: I’m very happy now.
    Y: What happened?
    X: My mother gives me a present.
    Y : What is it?
    X : It is Acer Netbook
    Y : Your mother is very kind.

C. Grammar that is used in showing attention and asking for repetition
- Imperative verb (Exclamation verb)
E.g.: Tell me more about it!
       Tell me what you need!

- Present Tense
e.g.: I still need more study.

- Past tense
e.g.: I loved eating meatball.

- Interrogative sentence
e.g.: Pardon?
      Sorry, what did you say?
      Can you repeat that?

- Modal auxiliaries and similar expression
   can, may,etc...
E.g.: Can you repeat it again?


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